New PIPETMAX Features Offer Increased Operational Efficiencies and Flexibility

2020-07-29 11:20:27

Middleton, WI (January 2020) - Gilson announced today several upgrades to its popular PIPETMAX® automated pipetting solution that further increase throughput and streamline workflows. Included in these improvements are a new pipetting head for transferring volumes up to 1200 µL and version 3.0 of the TRILUTION micro software for the runtime management of PIPETMAX. These new features will be especially useful for numerous molecular genetics and genome editing workflows, as well as repetitive dispensing tasks found in production labs.

The new MAX4x1200 pipette head allows the simultaneous transfer of 1,200 µL to up to four microfuge tubes, making the PIPETMAX the only automated pipetting solution in its class with these transfer and parallel processing capabilities. To support the new MAX4x1200 pipette head, Gilson will also offer new PIPETMAN® DIAMOND® D1200 Tips in blister packs and a new riser for the D1200 tips.

In support of the MAX4x1200 pipette head, Gilson has released a new version of TRILUTION micro software available for Windows® 10 operating systems. With a more streamlined interface, TRILUTION micro v3.0 makes editing tip pack configurations and running protocols easier and faster than ever.

Additionally, with the release of the MAX4x1200 pipette head, a new system alignment utility has been developed, providing an even greater level of system alignment accuracy. With nearly 3500 pipetting locations available on PIPETMAX, positional accuracy has never been better.

Backed by Gilson’s trusted pipetting technology, PIPETMAX automates many routine biological sample transfers, freeing lab personnel from these tedious tasks. The new 1200-µL capacity and enhanced software package takes PIPETMAX to the next level of operational efficiency and offers labs greater flexibility in automating sample preparation.